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Scott Rankin

Luke Lalonde

Photo: Daniel Neuhaus

In 2019, I collaborated with photographer Daniel Neuhaus on the design and art direction of musician Luke Lalonde’s second solo album, The Perpetual Optimist. A tight launch deadline of a week’s time meant that Daniel and I had to work quickly to concept, art direct, design and photograph all the album’s content. To do this, we took the most direct path to communicating the idea cohesively across his album art and website: that of something that is never-ending, infinite, ceaseless.

This concept of continuity is established through the typesetting that runs off and around the edge of the album’s cover and the typographic loop on Luke’s corresponding website.

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Outer sleeve (back/front)
Inner sleeve (back/front)
Vinyl label (a-side)
Vinyl label (b-side)
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