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Scott Rankin

Passport 2017

In 2016, I worked on the brand and product design for Passport 2017, a bilingual app and website commissioned by the Canadian government to inspire Canadians to engage with events and cultural touchstones during Canada’s sesquicentennial.



Full Lockup


We took our typographic inspiration from the late ’60s, the time of Expo 67, in Montreal, and chose a typeface synonymous with ’60s and ’70s graphic design: Prisma. While working through the project, Lineto released LL Prismaset, a contemporary interpretation of Prisma, and we shifted to this update as it was a much more reliable typeface for print and digital use given its multiple weights and extended character sets. We wanted to create a visually interesting way of typesetting large copy that worked for both the app and the website, so we chose to combine multiple cuts of Prismaset in the same blocks of text—this was the visual impact we needed to convey a sense of excitement to the user.


Inspired by the passports given to Expo 67 visitors for visiting the world fair’s pavilions, the Passport 2017 app prompted users to collect stamps in exchange for attending certain cultural events across the country.


To create this reward component, we engaged Doublenaut, a Toronto-based illustration studio, to conceptualize and draw the stamps the user would receive. We commissioned 28 individual stamps in total.